Festival Rules 

1: Any guest who refuses to follow festival rules may be subject to immediate explusion from the event. 

2: All guests are HIGHLY encouraged to wear masks. If mandated by state and local authorities, this may become mandatory. Guests are not allowed to harrass other guests over their choice to wear, or not wear a mask (If made mandatory guests should inform staff of any failures to comply). Any harrasment may result in immediate expulsion from the festival.

3: All guests are HIGHLY encouraged to maintain 6feet+ distance between themselves and others not in their family units. This may become mandatory under direction of state or local authorities. Our festival has ample space, which should allow this to be feasible in nearly all situations. Diliberatly invading the space of others, especially when asked not to, may result in immediate expulsion from the festival.

4: The Audience Area will be marked off with 10 x 10 sections to help groups maintain physical distancing from other groups. 

5: No Chairs will be provided. Guests must bring their own chairs if they desire.

6: Low back chairs are allowed in any area of the festival, Regular hight or taller chairs may only be used in designated areas

7: Tarps, Blankets, Chairs, etc, may NOT be left in the audience area over night. Audience space may not be saved in any other way over night. 

8; Pets are allowed, but must be on a leash at all times, unless they are in an inclosed area such as a pet crate, pen, Rv, Etc. 



4th-6th September 2020



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Vibrant America
3399 S. Celebration Dr.
West Valley City, UT. 84128