WMMF Camping Rules and information

1: All campers must have the appropriate festival passes and camping passes

2: All Campers must follow the directions of the Camp Host as it pertains to enacting and enforcing WMMF Rules and Guidelines 

3: No Fires are allowed

4: Pets must be leashed when not in an inclosed area (pens, crates, etc)

5: Non-Family Unit Camping groups must maintain a minium of 10feet between camps

6: Evening Jamming is allowed, But all participants (musicians and audience) are Highly encouraged to  wear masks and maintain proper physical distancing. 

7: Generators, Amplified Sound, and any other form of overy loud sounds must be turned off at 10pm

8: RVs, and other campers that need to have generators running through the night must camp in the designated Generator Camping Area.  (RVs not using generators over night are allowed in the General Camping Area)

4th-6th September 2020



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Vibrant America
3399 S. Celebration Dr.
West Valley City, UT. 84128