The Jollification Project

Free the Honey was one of the fan favorite artists of last years festival. Twin fiddlers Lizzy Plotkin and Jenny Hill have a new project and are joined by Sam Pankrantz, and Mike Facey. They play Appalachian old-time, bluegrass, square-dance, Texas swing, Irish, and gypsy folk traditions, as well as harmony singing, and hollerin’.

While on the road with their band Free the Honey in 2014, Lizzy and Jenny had a conversation with a scholar and radio host at East Tennessee State University, who used the word Jollification to describe the feeling he got from their fiddle playing. Never having heard the word, the ladies inquired and he explained, "Jollification" is a word that comes from the early 1800s to describe how immigrant fiddlers of Appalachia would roam the streets during times of merriment. They liked it! Who doesn't love adding more joy to the world. So, the Jollification Project was born!