Sammy Brue

Sammy Brue at age 16 is not just a child prodigy but a touring musician who plays, writes, and sings at festivals and art venues across the country. He received his first guitar at age 10 and began learning songs of his father's heroes, Boy Dylan and Woodie Gutherie. Within 2 months he had written his own "The Woody Guthrie Song." At age 12 (then Ogden, Utah resident) he was busking at the Sundance Film Festival. By age 14 he was signed by New West Records. He has been called "an American Prodigy" by Rolling Stone and a "Wunderkind" by American Songwriter.

In the featured article in Rolling Stone, Joe Fletcher said he was "struck by the authenticity and emotional maturity of Brue's songs." Sammy Brue is endorced by Loal Guitars and GHS Strings. Brue's latest EP is I Am Nice.